Web Warden

Star Sparkle dot com is looking for a website warden to manage the wordpress website in exchange for a significant significant share of revenue from pay per click advertisements and affiliate advertisements.

Above average intellectual skill is the only base requirement.

No prior experience is necessary and on the job training will be provided if needed.

Prior experience is desirable (although not required) and will help achieve meaningful results faster.

As a site warden the single goal is to increase site visitations.

The primary goal is to desirable desirable desirable traffic incrementally by increasing search engine visibility which is a function of posting content.

Other routine ancillary efforts will indirectly augment the site wardens (your) efforts using social media and other types of internet broadcasting tools.

Numerous generic tools will provide detailed reports to the site warden on performance variables and ongoing site traffic which can be used to monitor, make strategic adjustments and improve results.

Site traffic to Star Sparkle has been negligible since it is 100% organic and not promoted at the moment.

Star sparkle may be developed by adding content and related advertisements. It is suggested that affiliate advertisements be used that compliment the content added to the site.

For example, jewelry advertisements, if the site content focuses on clothing accessories that include jewelry.

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Examples of content could be based on numerous topics.

Articles on fashion trends, DIY (make your own), design, and product comparisons and reviews are just a few of hundreds if not thousands of possible topics.

On the advertising side of the ledger there are hundreds of affiliates and tens of thousands of products to choose from when posting advertisements.

Advertisements themselves often provide attractive images  … however additional original images complimenting written content are very effective in attracting visitors vis a vis search engine results pages or SERP.

SERP is not the only way nor even the best way to attract visitors since it is extremely difficult to achieve top ranking (Search Engine Optimization) in search results.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter can play a significant role in attracting attention the the website, especially on a local level.

Once a reliable threshold of visits is attained (say 250 visits daily) the sites RPC or return per 1,000 vistors can be determined.

For example let us assume the RPC is $5 for Star Sparkle, 250 visits daily for a 30 day month would yield 7,500 visits or 7.5 times $5 or $37.50

On the surface this may seem trivial but 250 views is an extremely low threshold for a moderately successful website and the first plateau that should be strived for is 1,000 visits daily or 30k visits per month.

The RPC could be much higher if advertisers bid up the pay per click rate .. but in the case of affiliate ads the amount of sales could be significant as a gross amount of dollars  ..often yielding RPC’s of tens of dolars and mich more.

it is not at all unusual for example, that an affiliates item of jewelry sold for $1,000 could yield a commission of 10% or $100 on just one transaction.

Therein lies the opportunity for the site warden to generate substantial revenues as site traffic increases based on interesting and relevant relevant content posted on the site.

The % portion of the wardens share of revenues will be set at a generous mutually agreeable threshold rate based on the site Wardens qualifications.

Performance improvements will only serve to increase the revenue shares from the base rate as an added incentive and reward for results.

To summarize briefly and succinctly … the skies the limit.