Dickey, Santana, players bail out Met’s management, ownership :2012 season lost

Dickey’s 20th win just served to remind me how the Met’s organization has gotten away with stealing a season from the fans and pocketing the results. The more cynical among us will say “it’s a business” but I say it’s a business that must stop. Losing Reyes was something I will never forgive the Met’s […]

Mets focus on players a convenient distraction for management and Ownership

Whether good or bad the Mets TV booth has kept the focus firmly on the playing field. The players cooperated during the first half with their exceptional play .. and when things got bad in the second half the players were conveniently used as a buffer to forestall criticism. For the Mets organization it was […]

LaRussa throws Dicky a spitball

In what perhaps is one of the most obviously anal decisions in baseballdom … Tony Larussa thumbed his nose at new york fans when he decided not to start Dicky in the all star game. Larussa, no stranger to controversy is a legend in his own mind … and often conspicuously has garnered the spotlight many times […]