2015 update on REGISTRATIONS

In order to be accepted into clikwriters.com you should give as much detailed information about yourself as possible. In this manner we can screen out spam registrations. Even better also email your personal request to join to: coralatlas at free fish dot com !

springs arriving

     springs arriving      tis a day we’ve all awaited     assembled in warm meadows mist,     chattering birds anticipating,     as curious squirrels leave their nest,      upon the grass await clouds shadows,      and many others follow soon,    above gold sun looks down then blinks,      behind […]

tis’ been a while

tis been a while since I’ve sat n’ wrote about nothing in particular I’d say so here I’ll catch up within this note altho nothing in particular is happening today the sun thru my window invites me across the windy bridge a path awaits the turtles n’ frogs I’ll want to see I should leave […]