WordPress recommendation for site administrators & owners

what I liked from the beginning was the ability to carefully ease into this plug-in … although it rapidly became apparent that it is extremely easy to implement & expand …. I’m up to 17 sites and plan to add all 150 of my sites over time …

Suggestions for your first (or next) article as a free fish

Free fish is communal .. which means its yours to enjoy including creating “things” like articles and art or just about anything …. there’s about 150 web sites in the commune … all are dedicated to nature environment conservation ecology education science technology at this point there’s not a lot of gimmicks or gadgets or […]

Everyone has a story to tell on freefish.com

Auzigog / Love Photos / CC BY-NC-SA Free fish is a mixed bag of peeps just like yourself, many of whom are relationship seeking, first for a friend and sometimes for someone to share life with as well. Remember that we are all friends first. I myself actually started freefish because I an an aquarium […]

Wanted: A Loneliness Expert

If you are without a relationship for a long time now, you might consider yourself “a loneliness expert”. Indeed, such an option is always available. But before you decide to adapt such an “expertise” you can choose another option: to look inwards, find out things about yourself you might not have known until now, make the necessary changes which will enable you, with your renewed motivation, persistence and dedication, to “go out there” and eventually find a partner with whom to develop a successful relationship.

REALationships ლ{[*‿*]} {ಠ‿ಠ}ლ

There is only one relationship that exists and that matters. let me introduce you to yourself. Look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? If not make a list of what is wrong and send it to me. There are many things you can see in yourself  -some are physical or cosmetic while […]

Interest list of latest eight (8) Free Fish

These are what some of our free fish had to say about their interests – each line is a different fish  (•‿•) Travel Walking on the beach Hanging out at the pool listen to music Playing games watching basketball hanging out I have a ton of interests, it’s best to chat with me and find […]

Guidelines for Writers

The broad subject area for authors is ecology, environment, nature, and conservation The goal is to convey to viewers and visitors the signficance of the role humans play in the preservation as well as the destruction of the planet earth. Facts and media should support authors opinions and reinforce the credibility of the article Here […]