Do dresses have personality disorders?

Do dresses have personality disorders? yes, absolutely but …. whose personality and which personality is best suited for you? there is the wearer aka you .. and then there are the dresses and to further complicate things there are endless mind-boggling accessories … so where do we begin in order to resolve or avoid a […]

Eight Myths and Facts About Plastic Surgery

The field of plastic surgery is surrounded by fears that can make people think twice before undergoing a procedure. Fortunately, most of those fears are unfounded. Below are some of the most common myths about plastic surgery as well as the facts that debunk them.

Weekends are an opportunity to be alone and try some new things!

The weekend is either a good time to experiment and do something different or pick something you really enjoy and do it! But whatever you do don’t hang out at the same bar you did last weekend or any bar for that matter. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. There’s lots to do including reading and […]


As we sit here n’ wait perchance some one will call; then perhaps they’re too busy for us two after all; so you sit n’ preen as I sip my tea slowly; with eyes closed I can dream, of my sweet precious abby, perhaps some one will come to visit n’ chat; tho we two […]


nam within a dream of many contained mysterious swirling clouds remained a face that seemed familiar still not one I knew that is until I remembered a day so long ago twas an eternity if could be so then filled with sunlight my eyes were blinded of many good things at once reminded a spirit […]