Do dresses have personality disorders?

Do dresses have personality disorders? yes, absolutely but …. whose personality and which personality is best suited for you? there is the wearer aka you .. and then there are the dresses and to further complicate things there are endless mind-boggling accessories … so where do we begin in order to resolve or avoid a […]

Topaz and Diamond Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver

4 Carat Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver – $34 + Free Shipping A STUNNING, all natural, 4 carat blue topaz and diamond pendant crafted in solid .925 sterling silver for a special Cyber Monday 2 deal of the day price of just $34 + free shipping. An UNBEATABLE deal and the […]

A priceless gift for you from a GEEK

I’m a geek. What that means is that I know more than most peeps about computers – which to be honest isn’t a hell of a lot more! Most normal peeps know enough to get by on a computer … in fact many peeps don’t realize nowadays their phones are specialized morphed computers. Wireless is […]

Eight Myths and Facts About Plastic Surgery

The field of plastic surgery is surrounded by fears that can make people think twice before undergoing a procedure. Fortunately, most of those fears are unfounded. Below are some of the most common myths about plastic surgery as well as the facts that debunk them.