Modern Sex – the art & the science

Modern Sex

Sex as it applies to humans is mental most of the time and physical for about 5 minutes give or take procedures and techniques.
It’s no accident that drugs and sex are often aligned, since the desired outcomes are similarly euphoria.
Feeling good in an out of control way is exhilarating and it’s hard to avoid the allure of feeling good.
We should not punish ourselves for seeking pleasure.
We should manage our feelings instead.
More human beings are not having sex than are.
Even the most sexually active individuals find it difficult to interface at a personal physical level.
Nature has provided many mechanisms for living organisms to seek, find and copulate.
Mammals are among the simplest of organisms and macro-sex is a product of reproduction.
The urges to reproduce are conflated with sex by human beings.
It’s astounding to say so but knowledge of the birds and the bees in almost non-existent in human beings.
Human couples who wish to reproduce often just let it happen. Some of those who have to work at reproduction find it burdensome and UN-enjoyable.
Which category are you in?

First in a series by coral atlas

Latest 50 Free Fish interests survey

the merger
the merger

Recent free fish comments on relationships, romance, dating, friends, love, singles, couples

“Jens”,”good women”
“anthony”,”female companion”
“Richard”,”woman “
“Billy”,”Fishing, hunting, darts & having a good time!!”
“Raul”,”African ciclids”
“bill “,”Everything “
“Fermina”,”To socialise fellowship chitchat chop it up shoot the breeze conversate meet different people making new friends!”
“Doc”,”Just about everything.”
“wes”,”Going out to dinner, good conversation & laughs. Sports & nice long walks”
“Helen”,”Magick,reading,going to flea markets,siteseeing”
“Mary”,”hiking, camping, reading, playing games, puzzels”
“luke”,”Pretty women”
“sarah”,”martial arts, working out, music, movies, beach”
“Patrick”,”I like the outdoors, fishing hunting ect.I like working on old trucks.”
“christopher”,”Movies church sleding”
“Terri”,”Very diverse.”
“wayne”,”water sports, living life,and big tited asain women”
“Vicki”,”Travel, swimming, fishing, camping, Rodding motorcycles”
“ian”,”i like surfing camping walking and cosy nights”
“Ryan”,Ta find fun atractive single women …..”
“kelly”,”Looking for someone that i can connect to, serious relationship!”
“vito”,”Outdoors, movies, sports “
“Mandy”,”Travel, Holidays & TV”
“Debbie”,”Horseback riding, fishing, target shooting, boating, camping”
“toni”,”just looking for a date”
“Thomas”,”Enjoy the outdoors,fishing,archery,Blues an Jazz,an contemporary Christian,an Classic Rock Music.Entertaining with goods friends dinner an a bottle of wine.Enjoy movie nights sitting tight at home with fireplace glowing an snuggling with significant other.Athletic,enjoy jogging, running.”
“Angela “,”Travel, tennis,water, and snow skiing, racquetball, horseback riding,gardening, sewing, doing my own home repairs, entertaining, music, etc….. “
“mary”,”my children, watching sports”
“Michael”,”Music having fun working hard “
“mike”,”dancing football long walks”



eye sea hue : a love poem

eye sea hue love poem
eye sea hue

eye sea hue

in the shimmering waters,
n’ reflections of a twinkling sun,
in glowing dusk when day is done,
eye sea hue
as the sun from ground arises,
as mist turns into sparkling dew,
in petals of awakening colors,
arising with each day anew,
eye sea hue
as the tree tops too n’ fro do sway,
n’ my shadow points along the way,
while walkin’ long brown rocky path,
as angry clouds unleash their wrath,
eye sea hue
as leaves of autumn with wind depart,
as winters white arrives so softly still,
my thoughts of you I now impart,
in words like tear drops sad eyes can fill,
eye sea hue
as we each await each days departure,
n’ stars adorned in mysterious glitter,
we share as one the vast black rapture,
as tho our hearts were only one,
past visions we’ve shared for each do matter,
along memories path hands clasped we’ll run,
eye sea hue
n’ tho we’re so many years apart,
even further still than endless time,
with speed of light our thoughts depart,
yet each other in memories both will find,
eye sea hue

coral atlas

complimentary lyrics from a popular song that inspired me to write this poem

“I’ll Be Seeing You”

I’ll be seeing you
In all the old familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces
All day and throughIn that small cafe
The park across the way
The children’s carousel
The chestnut trees, the wishing wellI’ll be seeing you
In every lovely summer’s day
In everything that’s light and gay
I’ll always think of you that wayI’ll find you in the morning sun
And when the night is new
I’ll be looking at the moon
But I’ll be seeing youI’ll be seeing you
In every lovely summer’s day
In everything that’s light and gay
I’ll always think of you that wayI’ll find you in the morning sun
And when the night is new
I’ll be looking at the moon
But I’ll be seeing you

Do dresses have personality disorders?

Uni Cricket: The GirlsDo dresses have personality disorders?

yes, absolutely but ….

whose personality and which personality is best suited for you?

there is the wearer aka you .. and then there are the dresses and to further complicate things there are endless mind-boggling accessories …
so where do we begin in order to resolve or avoid a dresses related personality disorder …. ?

So many decisions and a myriad of dimensions as well ….

on the subjective personal side there are favorite colors to be considered
this is usually preconceived … thou the choices are not always best …

size is of course an unyielding parameter – you can’t wear what doesn’t fit you although some try …. call it wishful thinking taken a step too far …
there are thin women who would like to be thicker but many more thick women who would like to be thinner …. less is more

How often and where and when a dress is worn are additional decision making ingredients as well …

So wow! this subject is already taking on epic proportions … we are not talking dual personalities but multiple personalties that change based on space and time!

Where do we begin to sort out this complex decision making process? … on a psychiatrists couch perhaps?

First let’s take a macro view of this scenario and paint a new one …

Sit back and relax as you read this – it’s going to take some time.

Rise up way high above yourself in the sunny blue or pale gray sky and look down at yourself from the clouds surrounding you …

What do you see?Little-girl-looking-through-magnifying-glass-01.jpg

A dot on the ground that is you silly!

…. and what do you want to see if you don’t like the view? a closer view of yourself of course .. so let’s move down slowly until we can see something meaningful

hair! ….

Apparel and accessories like belts and hats and jewelry are all a part of a collage that you create when you cloth yourself.

But hair and skin as well as lips eyes ears and nose are even more important.

Standards have been set by conventional wisdom as to what appearances are appealing or attractive and which are not. That is an unfortunate human trait leading to much grief for many human beings.

So your dress is nothing simple to take lightly.

getting back to your hair – it should always be healthy and healthy looking – there are many ways to accomplish this but it is essential. What does this have to do with a dress? You will find out much later on as you read.

Sameness amongst we humans is prevalent as can be best illustrated by males who where suits white shirts and ties to distinguish themselves …. or in different nations have customary garbs that distinguish them from women but not necessarily from one another.

Less obvious are what females choose to wear – especially in America. In some nations women are still culturally restricted in many ways. Remnants of the cave human age.

There is an often unrealized imposed need placed on we humans to be the same because conformity is required by the apparatus that provides jobs which in turn help feed us humans. Okay but let’s stay away from economics and the psychology of civilization in this article … but it’s worth exploring in the future when we have the desire.

While we are still pondering our hair from up above and deciding how to improve it’s health and appearance let’s let our thoughts wander a little …

The dress you wear is often not the dress you want to wear – but what society imposes upon you (think job) …. AND in fact, in many cases what is best for you is not a dress ….

I think dresses are generally a plus for plus people and a minus for bean stalks or those who seek to emulate fashion models.

Note: what is fashionable is what looks good on you.

Back to the hair as we move lower and view our face and neck line.

One must always wear earrings and a necklace. This is not easy due to the variety and choices.

As with your hair, healthy facial features aka skin are extremely important.
Very little but the best organic lotions and potions should be used. Nothing obvious. For those who enjoy the use of color I warn the choices are so many that the chances of making a mistake are endless and highly likely.

Note: What looks good on others most often will not look good on you. If you choose to model yourself after someone you find attractive -be sure they have the same body shape and height. It also helps to remind yourself that your opinion may not jive with conventional wisdom.

Strive for natural radiance and invisible charisma as opposed to obvious shapes and colors when it comes to what lives above your shoulders.

Occasionally you can have a coming out party with shapes and colors and the visual impact will be more effective if it’s not same ‘ol same ‘ol

Yes, we are still talking about dress personality disorder … relax … it all fits. No pun intended!

As we resume our journey downward several areas of our body become apparent …
your breasts arms and waistline … and this is where the pedal hits the metal.

Many, many questions are raised and decisions must be made. Too many to discuss within the scope of this subject.

Generally speaking tight fitting is not a good thing and loose is … for both thick and thin peeps aka people and in this case female peeps.

For the sake of diplomacy let me suggest that looser is better than tighter and apparel should fit the counters of your body and in some cases reduce the attention given to contours both thick and thin.

A dress allows you to alter the appearance of shape and the contour for thick and think peeps. What you decide to emphasis speaks volumes about you personally.

So if you are a shouter or a whisperer try speaking normally … somewhere in the middle is a good place to be …. externally you can work on altering your body shape and morph yourself into something more normal … it is often a healthy thing to do as well.

But life is not perfection and neither are you imperfect because you don’t conform.

Normal is the new chic thing to be … since everyone subconsciously strives to live on the fringes to establish their individuality and to conform with conventional wisdom.

The intrinsic ingredients of dresses are fabric .. and that decision cannot be taken lightly.

A massive number of choices can be lopped off your list by simply deciding on fabric and color. Styles are most often not dependent on fabric and color.

I favor using accessories to determine style – since accessories can be infinitely changed and altered.

What we seek to achieve with the dress is a canvas on which you can paint your personality with accessories.

The goal here is to wear the same dress ten times and have it look like a new dress ten times!

Needless to say this isn’t easy and most will say impossible.

A small wardrobe can be stretched a long way however – reducing the possibility of errors while increasing your clothing allowance per dress.

Note: Quality trumps quantity.

From our perch above ourselves some of us will see the ground and some will find their contours block the view …

The goal is a loose fitting canvas on which you can paint your accessories whether thick or thin.


The choices are many and value scales are often tipped in favor of personal preferences.

However think solid over patterns and simple patterns over busy patterns.

Think light or dark … and avoid dull

Think contrast and brightness.

All of these thoughts can be altered with accessories.

Accessories are more finitely divided into categories based on body parts.

Earrings for the ears and belts for the waist.

Do large earrings hide your big ears or call attention to them … does a belt call attention to your ultra-thin waist? … and is that good or bad?

Note: always take a picture of yourself after you’ve made all your decisions – so that you can compare combinations and “looks”

Unfortunately be reminded that you may not make the desired impression the first time or sometimes ever depending on who you are trying to impress.

Some peeps just don’t care about what others look like. Smell? … maybe.

The smell of clean always trumps perfume .. and a slight hint of perfume trumps the olfactory noise of perfume.

If you are dealing with sweat …. you can stop reading this until you correct that problem yourself! Hint: don’t use air fresheners on your body.

Okay now let’s begin to visualize some of this –

plain dress / un-plain dress

large vs small accessories

… got your curiosity ..?

more to come soon …..