Modern Sex – the art & the science

Modern Sex

Sex as it applies to humans is mental most of the time and physical for about 5 minutes give or take procedures and techniques.
It’s no accident that drugs and sex are often aligned, since the desired outcomes are similarly euphoria.
Feeling good in an out of control way is exhilarating and it’s hard to avoid the allure of feeling good.
We should not punish ourselves for seeking pleasure.
We should manage our feelings instead.
More human beings are not having sex than are.
Even the most sexually active individuals find it difficult to interface at a personal physical level.
Nature has provided many mechanisms for living organisms to seek, find and copulate.
Mammals are among the simplest of organisms and macro-sex is a product of reproduction.
The urges to reproduce are conflated with sex by human beings.
It’s astounding to say so but knowledge of the birds and the bees in almost non-existent in human beings.
Human couples who wish to reproduce often just let it happen. Some of those who have to work at reproduction find it burdensome and UN-enjoyable.
Which category are you in?

First in a series by coral atlas

Writers: Be Naughty Singles Web Site review wanted

Writers: Be Naughty Singles Web Site review wanted

Writers – Be Naughty site review wanted. HERE are the writers guidelines.

Do a walk thru of the Be Naughty website starting from the free sign up by joining in order to participate. Make a 2 column list and highlight the good and bad aspects of site navigation and messaging in one or two words per item. What are the costs of membership that are obvious and what costs are disguised or hidden?

Is this sites “fun dating” really fun? and fast finding singles or not? What is hidden under the covers of Be Naughty both good and bad? Would you recommend To whom? Why would you recommend the web site or why not?  What are the pros and cons of the site. Compare the site to other similar dating sites you are familiar with. Summarize your review of the site in two or three sentences.

Submit your article on Be Naughty for review and publishing. 2014-07-11 04-48-06.1 2014-07-11 04-43-54

Latest 50 Free Fish interests survey

the merger
the merger

Recent free fish comments on relationships, romance, dating, friends, love, singles, couples

“Jens”,”good women”
“anthony”,”female companion”
“Richard”,”woman “
“Billy”,”Fishing, hunting, darts & having a good time!!”
“Raul”,”African ciclids”
“bill “,”Everything “
“Fermina”,”To socialise fellowship chitchat chop it up shoot the breeze conversate meet different people making new friends!”
“Doc”,”Just about everything.”
“wes”,”Going out to dinner, good conversation & laughs. Sports & nice long walks”
“Helen”,”Magick,reading,going to flea markets,siteseeing”
“Mary”,”hiking, camping, reading, playing games, puzzels”
“luke”,”Pretty women”
“sarah”,”martial arts, working out, music, movies, beach”
“Patrick”,”I like the outdoors, fishing hunting ect.I like working on old trucks.”
“christopher”,”Movies church sleding”
“Terri”,”Very diverse.”
“wayne”,”water sports, living life,and big tited asain women”
“Vicki”,”Travel, swimming, fishing, camping, Rodding motorcycles”
“ian”,”i like surfing camping walking and cosy nights”
“Ryan”,Ta find fun atractive single women …..”
“kelly”,”Looking for someone that i can connect to, serious relationship!”
“vito”,”Outdoors, movies, sports “
“Mandy”,”Travel, Holidays & TV”
“Debbie”,”Horseback riding, fishing, target shooting, boating, camping”
“toni”,”just looking for a date”
“Thomas”,”Enjoy the outdoors,fishing,archery,Blues an Jazz,an contemporary Christian,an Classic Rock Music.Entertaining with goods friends dinner an a bottle of wine.Enjoy movie nights sitting tight at home with fireplace glowing an snuggling with significant other.Athletic,enjoy jogging, running.”
“Angela “,”Travel, tennis,water, and snow skiing, racquetball, horseback riding,gardening, sewing, doing my own home repairs, entertaining, music, etc….. “
“mary”,”my children, watching sports”
“Michael”,”Music having fun working hard “
“mike”,”dancing football long walks”



the kiss


cold noses in the winter kissed,
wet noses on your kitty too,

one must always kiss the lonely missed,
n’ pink shiny babies who are brandy new!

there’s kisses we all don’t often see,

yet they’re happening all round us n’ about,
when kissed we all oft’ squeal with glee,
at red lips all puckered when thrust out,

this poem’s ’bout a girl her name being Avery, 

at a place faraway on a white windy beach,
seagulls prancing n’ dancing as she walked alone daily,
twas little to do n’ no destination to reach,

n’ so on each day at the same time she walked,

her shoes off as the oceans spray tickled toe tips,
she spoke to herself as toes played with the sands,
tiny feet scribbling pictures that were ever so grand,

one day as she talked spoke a voice not her own ..,

looking up into eyes ocean blue .. with surprise, 
twas a boy much like her, taller tho with long hair,
startled n’ frightened “ooh my!” she replied,

his words were drowned out by the din of the ocean, 

from his lips all twas heard were the sea gulls loud cries,

what’s that Avery spoke  “I can’t hear you” she shouted,

as his voice became louder ‘I’m quite sorry I scared you’, 
shouted back the face with a smile,

she had been alone so she thought, but

then at once startled, there he was standing …,
he kneeled down as he reached at a shell in the sand,
“look at this beauty” … “it’s ever so grand”,

forgetting herself Avery said “oh yes, yes oh my”

“here for you” the bright face looking up did reply,

he stood suddenly taller n’ kissing the shell, then handing it down [to her]

“goodbye my dear fellow”

she laughed looking up kissed the shell too, while the sun hovered over,
“something found” the voice said, “something lost, something new” Avery replied,

Covering her eyes from the sun, 

Avery glanced up smiling hardly seeing the face,

just a broad smile n’ a voice drowning in the sound of wind, 
twirling hair racing about both of their faces,

“my names jeramy” said the voice, she replied “Avery” then laughed

“would you mind if I strolled along side you?”

“not at all” then they both slowly walked,

not a sound from their lips as they both glanced about,

looking up looking down,
toes in sand kicking out,

twas a while that had passed, not a word nor a whisper,
’til both spoke at once, N’ then laughing stood still …,

up above the clouds waited as the waves hushed in silence,

as eternity passed they each looked at the other ’til … 

they kissed

coral atlas