Do dresses have personality disorders?

Do dresses have personality disorders? yes, absolutely but …. whose personality and which personality is best suited for you? there is the wearer aka you .. and then there are the dresses and to further complicate things there are endless mind-boggling accessories … so where do we begin in order to resolve or avoid a […]

Singles Stats That May Shock You’s annual Singles in America study reveals some pretty juicy (and surprising) facts about America’s current dating population, and some of them might shock you. These stats not only disqualify some common dating myths; they also provide some really interesting insights into what men and women look at first when they “size up” potential partners.

Sex versus Love :Chapter One – advice

  Sex versus Love Sex is actually a term we humans use to describe the normal biologically founded urge for mammals to mate and procreate. Many of us don’t think of ourselves as mammals … but we are. But because we humans are self aware and have cognitive capabilities we use logic and our minds […]

Topaz and Diamond Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver

4 Carat Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver – $34 + Free Shipping A STUNNING, all natural, 4 carat blue topaz and diamond pendant crafted in solid .925 sterling silver for a special Cyber Monday 2 deal of the day price of just $34 + free shipping. An UNBEATABLE deal and the […]