What Men Find Attractive in an Older Woman

Cassie-Callahan_172782What Men Find Attractive in an Older Woman

By Cassie Callahan

Do you want to know what men find attractive in older women? Who says you lose your sex appeal as you grow older? Just because a woman is older than he is doesn’t mean that he’s going to find her unattractive.

In fact, a lot of men wouldn’t mind going out with an older woman. Why is that? Well, here are a few tips on what men find attractive in an older woman.

1. Confidence

Unlike women who are in their 20’s, an older woman pretty much knows who she is. This means that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your age. So what if you’re in your mid 40’s? This only means that you know who you are and you have more self-confidence now that you did before.

You have your own life and you’re past that needy and clingy stage where you’re desperate for a man’s attention. You’re also past the “is she prettier than me?” phase which a lot of women went through when they were younger.

2. Emotionally stable

Because you’re at that age where you know who you are and what you want in life, you’re emotionally stable. You don’t spend your time searching or pining for things you can’t have. You accepted life and more mature in your way of thinking.

You also see things differently and men like that. You’re more relaxed unlike younger women who want to have families, be successful and just keep searching. And for that, a younger man can feel relaxed around you too.

3. More health conscious

That’s right, eating healthy and having given up bad habits like too much alcohol and cigarettes is a plus when you’re an older woman. You work out regularly now because you’re more concerned about your health. Of course, a part of it can also be because of vanity. You want to look good for your age and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, because you’re more health conscious, the end result is that you really look good for your age! You have a lot of self-respect and that’s one thing that men find attractive.

4. Experience

Older women have more experience in life. This means that you are able to make wiser decisions and you’re not going to do anything petty like make out with your man’s best friend or anything stupid like that.

Of course, this also means that you have more experience in bed and who doesn’t want to please their sexual partners? You’re not shy to talk about what makes you feel happy sexually and so your man is able to do the right things. In turn, it makes him feel good because you’re satisfied. It’s a win-win situation for the two of you.

Now that you’re clued in on what men find attractive in an older woman, perhaps you wouldn’t think twice in dating a younger man. Your age and experience is actually your arsenal. There’s no need for you to feel ashamed because you’re older than he is. Remember that age is just a number and as long as you’re confident then you have nothing to worry about.

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Singles Stats That May Shock You

Lisa-Shield_1443944Singles Stats That May Shock You

By Lisa Shield

Match.com’s annual Singles in America study reveals some pretty juicy (and surprising) facts about America’s current dating population, and some of them might shock you. These stats not only disqualify some common dating myths; they also provide some really interesting insights into what men and women look at first when they “size up” potential partners.

Guess what: Grammar matters.

Believe it or not, the study says that for both men and women, grammar is the SECOND biggest thing that potential partners get judged on. Think your way with words doesn’t matter as much on Facebook? Think again. Grammar comes in second only after teeth. Apparently, both sexes are suckers for a great smile. What’s the third thing that men and women judge each other on most after teeth and grammar? Hair. No matter what do you’re sporting, members of both sexes want to see you rock those locks (or lack thereof) with confidence.

What do men and women get judged least on?

Now here’s where it gets really interesting. The study’s stats seem to go against a lot of common perceptions that get tossed around in current dating culture. Women actually judge men least on their electronics, their accents, and the cars they drive. In fact, electronics are the last thing women seem to be looking at. So boys… those expensive toys might not impress the ladies as much as you think they will. They’ll be checking out your smile and your semantics first. And women, men judge you the least on your electronics, your cars, and wait… brace yourselves… your shoes. That’s right, only 18% of men say they judge women on their shoes. (I can only imagine what Carrie Bradshaw would have to say about that!)

Do height, financial stability, and virginity actually matter? Well, according to the study, 71% of women aren’t likely to date someone shorter than them; 42% of singles wouldn’t date a virgin (women seem to care more about this at a 51% majority); and 54% of singles wouldn’t date someone with credit card debt that’s greater than $5k. While these stats do seem to hold some sway among certain singles, the study shows that they aren’t real deal breakers.

There’s good news for long-term love

97% of singles want to please you in bed more than they want to please themselves, and older singles care just as much about sex as do singles in the younger age bracket. And ladies, listen up: Nearly half of men want to meet your parents before they commit.

But wait, that’s not all. Despite what might seem to be popular belief, American singles are pretty optimistic when it comes to long-term partnerships like marriage. About 65% of men (20s-30s) want to get married, and nearly 80% of men in that age group reported wanting to have kids. Guess what else: In the “want kids” category, men and women match evenly. Moreover, the study shows that men actually fall in love faster than women do. They also believe in love at first sight more frequently than women do, and they’re likelier to approve of PDA. They’re also more likely to want to introduce their partners to their friends and family sooner. See ladies, men aren’t “all insensitive jerks.” The science behind the study proves it.

When it’s all said and done, this study shows us that men and women alike want partners who express themselves well and who aren’t too hung up on gadgets. These stats show us that many of the things we think might be deal breakers… really aren’t. In the end, it’s all about putting your best foot forward and being the best you that you can be. And don’t forget to smile. J

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The Meaning of Love in a Friendship

The Meaning of Love in a Friendship

By Rosalinda Flores-Martinez

We say, “Best friends forever!” We share friendship bands. We tug at each others clothes. We create beautiful things together; yes we share one love and real friendship.

Real friends never let go, even if they fight. They are like kids who punch and hug. They are like sisters who comb each others hair after sticking gum on it. They are like brothers who kick each other’s ass and later on give a helping hand. They are friends, who after a fight make up, forgive, and accept each other again. Real friends don’t give up on each other. Their friendship never ends. It thrives good fruits around the fence, near and even faraway.

Check these thoughts on love in friendship:

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold. (an old song)

Let there be no malice.

Speak the truth to your friend.

Feel that which your friend cannot speak.

Accept and understand each other.

Don’t forget to admonish, for then in mistake, both will learn and get corrected.

Be generous in charity.

Don’t dig graves.

Share water and cookies.

Set each other free.

Let each other thrive like a kite flying high, but like the waves kissing down.

Truly, we are all blessed with friends. When I was a young adult and professional, I was blessed with many and I had two best friends who stayed with me against the odds. I will not name them, but their names are engraved in my heart. May they forgive my shortcoming and indifference. May they, also, know that I have never doubted their love nor betrayed, even if time had separated us; or life or death had caused us to be away from each other.

My Bible highlights remember Matthew, Chapter 18 Verse 19-20.

I also tell you this – if two of you agree down here on earth concerning anything you ask for, my father in heaven will do it for you.

For where two or three gather together because they are mine, I will be right there among them.

Love in friendship is loyalty, respect and that love looking up waiting for nothing, but God’s grace and love. It is laughing together, crying together and making things happen together. It is never afraid, nor cheating, but rejoices along with the truth.

Perhaps, best of all, the meaning of love in friendship is what the holy Bible says.

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me!”

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Help To Be Confident Chatting To Girls

Help To Be Confident Chatting To Girls

By Roseanna Leaton

Some men have the “gift of the gab” with girls but others are left wondering how to even proffer an icebreaker line. Some guys are good at adapting their conversation to the person whom they are addressing whilst others always seem to manage to “put their foot in it” or say something entirely inappropriate.

Being a good conversationalist requires two key elements. One is clearly confidence and the other is to be a good observer/listener. These two elements are in actual fact linked in an intrinsic manner. It is almost impossible to observe and listen well if you are not feeling comfortable and confident in yourself.

When a person lacks confidence their attention tends to turn inwards. They may well think that they are looking around and focusing their attention upon external details, but in reality the majority of their attention will be internalized. This means that they will not be aware of the necessary details required to be able to converse in an appropriate manner.

If you do not notice the body language of the girl who you would like to chat to, how would you know where to begin? If you do not listen fully to what she is saying how could you respond in an intelligent manner? You have to listen with all of your senses, not just your ears. You have to observe with all of your senses, not just your eyes. This means that you have to feel sufficiently comfortable to be open to such perceptual input.

Confidence is, as usual, King in this situation. You need to feel confident to be comfortable in your own skin. If you, until now, have not felt comfortable in this way, do not despair. Confidence is something that can be learned at any age. Your brain is sufficiently plastic to take on board new patterns of thought and behavior, so long as you know how to set about this task.

Hypnosis makes this task easier and quicker as it enables you to immediately access your subconscious mind. This part of your mind is what powers your unconscious and instinctive behavior. Thus if you want to feel “unconsciously comfortable”, with members of the opposite sex, you need to tell your subconscious mind that this way of “just being” is OK when you are chatting to girls. Hypnosis lets you do just this.

Hypnosis also allows you to make suggestions to your subconscious mind to give you the gift of the gab with girls. Your imagination can be triggered so that it is easy to visualize yourself as you would like to be. As you see yourself confident and comfortable with girls this is how you will become. Your imagination paves the way to your reality and hypnosis will more easily unlock your ability to visualize with super clarity.

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