Writers: Be Naughty Singles Web Site review wanted

Writers: Be Naughty Singles Web Site review wanted

Writers - Be Naughty site review wanted. HERE are the writers guidelines.

Do a walk thru of the Be Naughty website starting from the free sign up by joining in order to participate. Make a 2 column list and highlight the good and bad aspects of site navigation and messaging in one or two words per item. What are the costs of membership that are obvious and what costs are disguised or hidden?

Is this sites "fun dating" really fun? and fast finding singles or not? What is hidden under the covers of Be Naughty both good and bad? Would you recommend BwNaughty.com? To whom? Why would you recommend the web site or why not?  What are the pros and cons of the site. Compare the site to other similar dating sites you are familiar with. Summarize your review of the site in two or three sentences.

Submit your article on Be Naughty for review and publishing.

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