How to develop a passive income posting ads on the internet

The cost of a domain name is as little as nothing if you make some commitments to certain Internet Service providers.

However the best domain names are registered. occasionally you can pick up a name that falls thru the cracks and is dropped by someone who has lost interest or doesn’t understand the potential of a name.

Here are a few guides for understanding the potential of a domain name.

Domain names that are ten characters or less have relatively more potential for appreciation than longer names. Shorter is better than longer.

Domain names that have intrinsic meaning have greater potential for branding and for generating cash flow.

Keywords as components of domain names add potential.

The top level domain extension .com is the most widely used and preferable to many of the recent deluge vanity extensions. is better than physicians.physicians or or .MD or whatever.

When you have a name that is meaningless to peeps at large … you have to invest in creating the brand. Developing a list of prospects or customers and then getting them to visit is not as easy and natural as or The .MD TLD requires marketing which costs money and is not as familiar as .com

This brief introduction to domain names is designed to convince you that investing in a premium .com name can generate revenues faster and in greater amounts.

Premium names have keywords … ideally no more than one, two or three.

Thus for example is theoretically better than which is better than

All three of these names have potential however. Here is a list of appraisals of four (4) related names. These values cannot be taken too seriously but are useful as a benchmark of relative value.








Following are some names I am offering for lease or purchase – what their potential value could be depends totally on the owners ability to brand them!

As you can see the relationship between pay per click values and the appraisals are inconsistent – as well as the SERP. All these names have attracted over 10 advertisers which is a healthy sign …

especially when you consider very little SEO has been implemented and the sites are still organic! (organic means traffic flows to the domain naturally)

domain appraisals

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