aden noire

woods2aden noire
softly whispers the soft light breezes dancing about me
glimmering sunlight above dwindling beams within the dusk
as lightly I step upon the moist grass …. and clouds cast their shadows
glancing above in blinding light a bird hovers as if a kite …
dancing across the rippling rivulets of a sparkling river
shadows creeping foretell the nights approaching silence,
the winds beside me singing then whistling shrill and chilly,
as the path shows me the way downward towards waters edge …
a frog chirps and splashes about as my reflection watches
the trees swaying behind me …
a name was lost in the sound of shivering reeds along the rocky river shore
aden noire a thought once heard calling twice from distant forest
the gurgling river thru broken tree limbs giggled
as voices from beneath the surface whispered
tis’ getting late n’ you must leave now or perhaps
stay forever and rest and wait for aden noire