Hotdog! the lazy male recipe

hotdogHere’s one of my simple male recipes.

Double the ingredients for two peeps:

  •  hebrew national all-beef hotdogs
  • pepperidge farms hot dog buns
  • 1 small can barbecue beans
  • 1 small can sour kraut

The hot dogs can be nuked in 45 seconds (for both) or fried in a few minutes – if you want black stripes –  watch them!

The beans and sour kraut can be heated up in a few minutes as well on the stove.

Some spicy brown mustard and you are good to go.

Options: squirt ketchup to individual taste into the beans if they seem flat tasting.

shopping list:

For two meals for two peeps: pkg eight dogs, 2 cans each of sour kraut and beans, pkg 8 hot dog rolls

Options; hotdog relish, cheese whiz, can chile, chopped raw onions, jar hotdog vendor red gushie cooked onions

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