Our thoughts are our dreams

couplesilouwetteBlindsDreams are our thoughts when we are sleeping …. 

While awake we can control both our thoughts and the visions they conjure up.

Try it right now … close your eyes and envision yourself doing anything for a few minutes … pretty cool huh? It’s blurry and in black and white but what the hell … it’s still a dream. If you concentrate you can add color!

While sleeping we humans have little or no control over this dreaming process …. and when awake we mentally control what we want to experience but they are also a form of dreams.

Communication is a word that describes the awake dreams we each have when attempting to message one another. Often words with a common meaning suffice to control a joint outcome. Agreement or perhaps an action …. “let’s grab a bite to eat” response “okay”

Why we humans have subliminally separated our thoughts into two distinct categories has to do with control.

What we cannot control we do not believe … yet what exactly do we believe that is real? and what is reality?

That is where rules come in …. which are based on behavior patterns which in turn are formed by a combination of needs.

Natural urges stimulate our thoughts or dreams. Some natural urges are unavoidable … like the need to breath or to open our eyes … others like speech can be avoided although a red hot iron can evoke some involuntary verbal response. Really?

While sleeping we do not have the distractions consciousness …. of making decisions or responding or eating ….. when such needs arise we wake up.

Thus in a dream when we are falling we must inevitably wake up in response to the reflexive need to prevent injury.

Most often these thoughtless responses are sensory and instinctive … as when we pull away from the heat of fire.

Fire is a fascinating creation since it can easily destroy us yet we usually have complete control.

We can start and extinguish and prolong fires most of the time.

The Sun is a perpetually burning fire that perhaps some form of intelligent life started.

Are both heat and cold evidence of life? are they needed for life to exist?

If we can control the temperature of a living cell can we destroy it or prolong it’s life?

Infinity is non-existence.

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