Suggestions for your first (or next) article as a free fish

cute penguin couple - exploredFree fish is communal .. which means its yours to enjoy including creating "things" like articles and art or just about anything ....

there's about 150 web sites in the commune ... all are dedicated to nature environment conservation ecology education science technology

at this point there's not a lot of gimmicks or gadgets or gotchas and you have to create something to take part ..... it could simply be visiting our sites periodically which creates traffic ..... their are unlimited ways to enjoy your commune

here are some article headers to stimulate your creative thinking ......

'The most expensive date I never had"

"The guy I love"

"The girl I love"

"My favorite place I go for a walk"

Part of the communal process is wanting to be a part of something ... not simply wishing .....

what's the difference between wanting & wishing ... ?


So do something to become a part of free fish  ... we've got 150 blogs that are yours to explore ...

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