If You Make This Mistake With Your Facebook Page, You’ll Screw Up Any Chance Of Attracting Women

Erica-Black_1456816If You Make This Mistake With Your Facebook Page, You’ll Screw Up Any Chance Of Attracting Women

By Erica Black

When I worked in recruitment (finding engineers work), I would tell my candidates that getting work is a numbers game.

“Let’s get you out there first, get employees to want you and then you decide WHO you want to work with.”

The same thing goes with getting a woman to date you.

Just about everyone has a Facebook profile these days, and if you’re a single guy without one… get one!

And-to all you shy guys-I highly recommend you add Facebook to your dating tools because…

It’s Passive Dating!

In other words, Facebook actually allows you an indirect and perfectly acceptable way to make and maintain connections with women you might be interested in dating.

E.g. When you meet a girl on Facebook, you’ll notice her LIKES. You might even have some mutual FRIENDS. You can kick things off with a casual note like, “Hey I see you know… “

People always respond better when you are connected with something or someone they are already familiar with. It’s like getting into their safe zone.

Starting a conversation this way is similar to having a mate introduce you to a girl at his Sunday afternoon BBQ. The Facebook bonus is that you don’t have to worry about long silences in awkward conversation. There’s no chance that you’ll crowd her or spill your drink or say something you regret in the next second because you’re nervous or shy. You can take your time to choose your words.

Want to know a BIG SECRET?

Practically every girl has Googled the name of the guy she was interested in.

Before any woman enters into a relationship, she really likes to know something about her potential boyfriend. Facebook enables her to find out a lot of pertinent information about you that might just convince her to go out on a date with you.

It’s the perfect platform for putting your best foot forward. I’ve been asked for advice by guys who CAN’T SUCCEED at getting dates with women. When I take a look at their Facebook pictures, I see photos that don’t exactly show their best attributes.

Let me give you a very REAL example

Two guys asleep on the sofa – game controls in their hands, mostly empty pizza boxes on the coffee table, empty beer cans lying on the floor.

Before you attempt to use Facebook to your dating advantage, you might want to take a fresh look at your profile page. Sure-one or two goofy photos are fine. But most guys who can’t get dates have a Facebook album filled with these.

A woman perceives this type of guy to be:

• a player

• not serious about ANYTHING

• or clueless about what will make a connection with women

I know it seems unfair, but-based on one stupid photo-she’s already got you pegged as the guy who would dump a date with her if his mates called him up for a footy night. She’ll think you don’t understand a woman’s needs. And, most importantly, you will seem to lack confidence (ouch) with women. There’s NO WAY she’s going to let you anywhere near her.

The Bottom Line Is… DON’T DO IT!

Now, if you have a Facebook page and you want to get dates with wonderful women, the last thing you want is to be seen as any of the above-especially as not understanding a woman’s needs, or as lacking in confidence.

So, for all you guys out there trying to crack the code inside a woman’s head trust me on this and make your Facebook overhaul a priority before you even think about using it as a dating source.

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