Sex versus Love :Chapter One – advice


sex versus loveSex versus Love

Sex is actually a term we humans use to describe the normal biologically founded urge for mammals to mate and procreate.

Many of us don’t think of ourselves as mammals … but we are.

But because we humans are self aware and have cognitive capabilities we use logic and our minds can imagine which is what love is all about.

What we humans can imagine is love is endless ….. and often sex and love are intertwined. Sex is a normal act that we humans have rightfully civilized. While animals have no morals we humans are self-aware and can control ore urges.

Rape is a touchy subject but not a confusing one …. there is no biological justification for rape because we humans have mental control or at least the capacity to control our urges.

In nature instincts and behavior are not logically thought out yet are logical. This is the result of millions of years of evolution of life forms.

This isn’t a science discussion however … it is about sex and love … and I would like to give my advice on the two subjects to those who would like it.

Like and love are not too different ….. and they both take many forms … often when two humans are attracted to one another sex is a mechanism to demonstrate the feeling …. thus love and sex can be combined but more often are not ….

Love itself is a conscious spiritual commitment your mind makes and relates to abstract attractions … smells, sight, touch and most of all thought. However we don’t have control over whom we love …. our minds react to data that we’ve stored that trigger feelings.

Our perceptions of love are endless ….. some humans love abstract objects such as jewelry … while other love other forms of life like birds.

Love is not limited to any one thing or type of thing … it is an emotion and strong emotions often overwhelm our senses and our sensibility.

Anger is a form of negative love …. pure raw emotion that causes us to act instinctively is some cases … like the animals we are …

MY recommendation when it comes to sex and love is not to separate or combine the two emotions .. but to simply understand them.

Emotions are constantly changing which is why monogamy is difficult with out un-natural spiritual bonds. Religion and the varied symbolic matrimonial rituals provide humans a means to document and ratify relationships …. yet despite culture and religion and traditions … relationships can change forever in a moment.

In societies where change is worn as a badge of honer, it is impossible to remain in a fixed relationship that is stable or predictable.

It is also un-natural. WE must treat our minds as the ultimate sexual organ.



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