Everyone has a story to tell on freefish.com

Chris & Jessica Engagement - Falling
Auzigog / Love Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

Free fish is a mixed bag of peeps just like yourself, many of whom are relationship seeking, first for a friend and sometimes for someone to share life with as well. Remember that we are all friends first.

I myself actually started freefish because I an an aquarium enthusiast!

Little did I know that free fish is a lot more than about fish … and that it is about we peeps. All peeps on earth!

Freefish.com is slated for many improvements – but the best improvement of all is you the peep.

I’d like some peep articles and if you have an interesting story to tell about anything in your life or even about someone you know I’d like to publish it on freefish.com … and perhaps on dozens of other sites as well.

There is an opportunity to earn a few cents and perhaps even more than a few dollars, but your first motivation should be the story you want to write.

We will clean up any grammer and spelling errors and even suggest improvements before you sign off and we finally publish your tale.

Use the contact form to get in touch and remember that all humans are free fish.

We just all need to get more free!

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