Manage your website from a beach

Una canoa en la playa de Bora Bora / A canoe in Bora Bora beachImagine having a website for your personal pleasure or business or both.

Now imagine having to do nothing and know nothing about hosting and email and programming and databases .. and hundreds of other website features.

Web Housing Authority (WHA) is a virtual property manager …  and we do everything for domain owners.

What do you do?

Whatever you want.

First we build the site using your domain name or one of our vanity names that you can use …  we help you choose what features you want and need. There are hundreds of features to choose from and with our guidance the process will be simple and quick. With our assistance you can select your color schemes, layout and design theme as well …. again there are hundreds of features to choose from so complete customization is no obstacle.

Making future changes is not a problem either.

Publish articles, images, video, pod-casts, advertisements …. whatever!

You don’t have to know how to post … if you can use email you are ready to go.

WHA can also assist you in planning your on-line strategy to insure achieving your off-line goals.

Everything and anything can be rapidly scaled to meet your growing needs.

The cost is simple, a flat month to month pre-agreed fee.

Included is WHA totally web-mastering the site and five features. Hosting, Email, contact form, search and auto-backup

The cost is $25 monthly and from $3 to $5 per additional feature.

What do you have to do? Email us for a free consultation with your goals and questions!

That’s it.

jsmoral / Beach Photos / CC BY-NC-ND
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