Dickey, Santana, players bail out Met’s management, ownership :2012 season lost

Dickey’s 20th win just served to remind me how the Met’s organization has gotten away with stealing a season from the fans and pocketing the results.

The more cynical among us will say “it’s a business” but I say it’s a business that must stop.

Losing Reyes was something I will never forgive the Met’s for … but although Wright is my ultimate favorite I wouldn’t be upset if he left.

Why? Because these bastards don’t deserve David Wright!

Besides the organization for me the booth is even more despicable in different ways. The media dump on the players during the second half collapse was one of the most disgraceful, mind bending cover your ass maneuvers in the history of sports broadcasting!

Gary, Keith and Ron  – you three guys are gutless!

What were the players given as a reward or inspiration coming out of the all star break? SHIT!


No pitching help where obviously needed nor batting help to fill the obvious cracks in the line-up.

These season was already doomed with the loss of Reyes and Belton  …  did the discussion ever come up as to how the Mets would have done with Pagan, Reyes and Beltran still in the line-up.

That would be too much to hope for  -but the very least that should have been said and wasn’t was that the Met’s organization didn’t fill in the cracks  – and the players knew they were left high and dry coming out of the break.

Over the years we’ve watched other organizations in the metro area make moves to strengthen or repair in the heat of pennant races.

The Yankees, Phillies and Atlanta and St Louis … have always made in-season moves and have succeeded in propelling their team forward.

The Met’s on the other hand are what they are ….. headlines in the financial section of the wall street journal.

It sucks …. the organization sucks and Gary, Keith and Ron suck!

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