As we sit here n’ wait
perchance some one will call;
then perhaps they’re too busy
for we two after all;
so you’ll sit n’ preen
as I’ll sip my tea slowly;
with eyes closed I can dream,
with my sweet precious abby,
perhaps some one will come by
to visit n’ chat;
tho we two aren’t much fun,
so not much chance of that,
still we each have the other
you precious old cat
while I sit n’ doze
n’ you sit n’ scratch;
oh my, this porch is so creaky
n’ tis oft’ windy as well
n’ our chair rocks so slowly
as tolls the distant church bell,
for time departs too swiftly
n’ the nights chill fastly fills the air;
a cool darkness quickly surrounds us,
n’  my warm shawl we’ll need to share,
whilst we’ll wait in quiet for someone to notice us, 
though most know not, that we two are here.