within a dream of many contained
mysterious swirling clouds remained
a face that seemed familiar still
not one I knew that is until
I remembered a day so long ago
twas an eternity if could be so
then filled with sunlight my eyes were blinded
of many good things at once reminded
a spirit within my heart was awoken
and tho no words were ever spoken
to this moment I remember the thrill
of dreams untold I will fulfill
since then each night I lay to rest
wish those I love the very best
to await that dream which will someday come
when my wait will end and life begun
in dark blanket of night in silence rested
as somewhere within my soul is tested
what lies beyond the stars I see
the vastness of life, just being me
the end will come as time has told
we wait as weary thoughts grow older
each second awakes us then is no more
each days passes quickly thru times door
what lies beyond not one can tell
what awaits unknown that will befell
yet that long remembered moment is near
still always beyond my last dream I fear


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